Audio Synthesizer

Audio Synthesizer

learning goals: introduction to electrical signal transmission

supported skills: cognition und communikation
Construction and Organization
  • 1 littleBits KORG Synth Kit Audiosynthesizer CampusDateLive 2019 Banner
  • 1 person
Group size
  • 2 - 4 pupils

  • Have you ever thought about how your hearing and brain process speech and how speech assistants like Siri or Alexa produce their speech signals? We demonstrate with a simple audio synthesizer how speech can be translated into electrical signals and changed.

  • In the experiment, you can speak into a microphone, which is connected to an audio synthesizer. Thereby, it is possible to represent the spoken voice as visible signals on the monitor of the audio synthesizer.

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Korg Little Bits Synth Kit Demo by Reverb


On CampusDateLive 2019 curious visitors of the booth could make a small audio synthesizer and play the song
"Alle meine Entchen".

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