Calliope Mini

Calliope Mini, BOB 3

learning goals: foundations of programming and information technology

supported skills: creativity, teamwork, communication skills and cognition
Construction and Organization
  • Calliope Mini InhaltsbereichCalliope Mini
  • laptop or PC
  • 1 person
Group size
  • 1 - 2 pupils
  • The Calliope Mini is an easy to program microcontroller with numerous inputs and outputs.

  • Depending on the task and the programming-technical understanding, the Calliope mini, e.g. a lamp with additive color mixing or a mini yoga trainer can be made.

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Herbst - Uni

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Domgymnasium in Magdeburg

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Lucas - Cranach - Gymnasium  in Wittenberg

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In the video, a BOB 3 can be seen, the goal was to make it brighter or darker by means of pulse width modulation on the abdomen. Unfortunately, due to the shortage of time this could not be done in time.


The Calliope Mini was programmed by the pupils: The buttons A and B activate a running light in horizontal and vertical direction, while the pins control a colored light.

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