Non-technical Project Seminar

17.04.2015 -  

The art of scientific writing is an important capability for every student. For a successful completion of a research project or master thesis the provided scientific work must be presented convincingly and professionally. But what is expected? What standards and rules must be adhered to? How do a good presentation and final paper should look like anyway?

These and similar questions are answered at the Non-technical Project Seminar. This seminar is a compulsory part of the non-technical project for each student of the Master Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

The seminar consists of:

  • A lecture series of 4 sessions:
  1. scientific writing
  2. professional presenting
  3. visualization
  4. literature survey and reference management
  • Writing a short paper about a given topic.
  • Giving a short presentation about the same topic.
  • A written certificate of attendance.

After completing this seminar, the attendees are able to start the second part of the non-technical project at a supervisor of their choice.

More information can be found in the corresponding Moodle course or in the LSF.

Contact address for questions: Dr.-Ing. Mathias Magdowski ()

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