LED - Cube

LED Cube

learning goals: basics of programming

supported skills: creativity and cognition
Construction and Organization
  • LED Würfel Inhaltsbereich1 LED cube
  • 1 laptop
  • 1 person
Group size
  • 2 - 5 pupils
  • The LED cube contains 512 colored LEDs in a grid of 8 rows, 8 columns and 8 levels. Each LED can be controlled individually according to the basic colors red, green and blue.

  • The LED cubes are addressed via the programming language MakeCode from Microsoft, so that information can be displayed in three dimensions or simply achieve great visual effects.

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Domgymnasium in Magdeburg

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As part of the Herbstuni, the pupils programmed a LED cube, which then lights up horizontally and vertically. It was possible to regulate the speed with the A button, and the B button to reset the program.


In this example, students programmed a 5x5x5 cubebit using makecode programming. The aim of the program was to light each level in a different color.


In the video, you can see an L3D cube, which was programmed by a employee of the faculty to show the different lighting possibilities of the cubes impressively.

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