Joaquin Löning

1. Please introduce yourself!

Hey! My name is Joaquin and I've been studying at Otto von Guericke University B. Sc. Medical Engineering.


2. How did you find out about the course?

Medical engineering in Magdeburg was one of the first proposals in the search for a suitable course of study. I have always been interested in both medical and technical topics. I see these two topics very well combined in the medical engineering degree program.


3. What differences do you notice in your studies compared to school?

Compared to school, the university simply offers more opportunities and freedom. Sometimes it is stressful, but it was mostly worth it.

I have already experienced some aha-moments during my studies. For example, that you have to learn how to learn. Learning at university is different from learning at school. The level is definitely higher, but the topics are also more interesting.

The most beautiful moments in my studies were those in which theory and reality could be combined. They are of course always very small moments. But they motivate me the most.


4. What do your studies and the city offer you?

Magdeburg offers me many possibilities to enjoy my leisure time. At my favourite place, the lift bridge, I like to spend time with my friends. It is an old drawbridge that goes over the Elbe. At night two very nice sayings "From so far to here" and "From here still much further" shine on her, which describe the city and the study very well for me.

Since the University of Magdeburg is not overrun, one has a very good contact to the professors and lecturers here. The events are very demanding in some places, but you will be helped. In my opinion, the university is very interested in the students success here, which is one of the biggest advantages compared to other universities.

For me Magdeburg is a very good place to study. The university makes an effort with the students, the city has many possibilities and you can even find cheap apartments! I don't know of any other city that unites that.


5. What do you think, what requirements you need for your studies?

One should not be afraid of mathematics, electrical engineering and computers and generally be enthusiastic about technology and natural sciences. I myself took social science subjects in my high school graduation and came to university with relatively little previous natural scientific knowledge and so far I have been relatively successful.


6. Have all your expectations of your studies been fulfilled?

My biggest fear was that I would not be able to find friends in Magdeburg, or that the medical engineering course would not be right for me. It was not difficult for me to find new friends here and I am convinced that the decision to choose Magdeburg was very good.


7. Do you have any plans for the future?

My wish is to make medicine even better and thus be able to help more people. After my studies, I could imagine studying medicine in addition. That I'll have to reconsider...

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