Mobility of the future

How will we get from „A” to „B” in the future?What types of drive do we use, fossil or electric? How do we reduce CO2 emissions to protect the environment?

Electromobility provides the answer to these and other questions. The combination of electric drives and regenerative electricity is the key to the question: „How do we want to travel in the future?”.


  • energy storage systems
  • efficient conversion of energy to vehicle drive in terms of efficiency
  • intelligent / controlled energy supply (charge) to the electronic components of the vehicle
  • grid connection of electric vehicles
  • interaction of vehicle and driver
  • automated driving

Fields of research

  • electric drive systems
  • electrical power supply
  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • power electronics
  • system theory and control engineering
  • information technology and communications
  • measurement technology

Professional fields

  • research and development
  • electrical engineering
  • measuring and sensor technology
  • information technology and communications
  • automotive industry
  • mechanical engineering

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