Alisa Noll

1. Please introduce yourself!

My name is Alisa Noll, I am 22 years old and I am studying B.Sc. Medical Engineering in the 5th semester.


2. How did you find out about the degree program??

I didn't know what to study for a very long time, was then I spent another year abroad and then I had to make up my mind. I found electrical engineering very interesting, but it was a little too dry for me. Medical technology was the perfect compromise for me!


3. What do your studies and the city offer you?

Studying medical engineering in Magdeburg was the best decision! The supervision of the students is great! In addition, a lot of research is done at the university, where we can participate. Many sports are offered free of charge from the university. So I can canoe, play badminton or take part in the company relay race. In summer you can meet up with friends on the Elbe, have a beer, barbecue in the park, go to an outdoor cinema or go climbing. From time to time we go to one of the many outdoor swimming pools and drive to the lakes. Our student council is also very active. There is the FEIT Night, monthly games evenings, semester - grilling and much more. ;-)


4. What do you appreciate most about your studies?

That the degree program is so small. I know everyone by their first and last name, can sit in the cafeteria with everyone and everyone tries to help each other. You have contact to older semesters who also give you tips. Also the offer around the studies is great.


5. Have all your expectations of your studies been realized??

I must confess, I didn't know exactly what was coming before. Sure, I knew what medical engineering was and knew the field of application, but I didn't know the individual modules. There are lectures and subjects that I never thought I'd like and they were the most interesting! I can say that this is the right degree program for me!


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