Chancellor experiences medical technology of the future at the research campus STIMULATE

05.09.2022 -  

In the context of the Chancellor's SPEECH, Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited the capital of Saxony-Anhalt last Thursday and, first of all, the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg with the research campus STIMULATE. After Rector Prof. Strackeljan and the head of the research campus, Prof. Rose welcomed the Chancellor, Olaf Scholz took extensively time to inform himself about the research campus and to exchange ideas with the scientists.

Bundeskanzler besucht den Forschungscampus STIMULATE B01

At the beginning, Prof. Strackeljan and Prof. Rose introduced the Otto-von-Guericke-University (OVGU) and the research campus STIMULATE to the Chancellor. Afterwards, the Chancellor exchanged views with the rectorate as well as some young scientists and students in a casual round of talks.

Bundeskanzler besucht den Forschungscampus STIMULATE B02

During the subsequent tour of selected laboratories of the research campus, the Chancellor gained insights into the latest medical technology of image-guided therapies and he visibly enjoyed the many opportunities to test some of the devices himself.In the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) control room, Prof. Speck and Prof. Wacker (STIMULATE board members of OVGU and Hannover Medical School, respectively) presented novel interventional MR coils and a micro-robotic system for needle placement in the MRI. The Chancellor tried his hand at robotic remote control and successfully placed the biopsy needle in a patient model. He was also impressed by the infant MRI, which the neighboring startup Neoscan Solutions GmbH, a member of the STIMULATE association, developed to market maturity. The Chancellor was particularly interested in Neoscan's plans to develop the world's first human 14T MRI, which Dr. Röll, the company's founder and CEO, presented. In the angiography laboratory, Prof. Pech, STIMULATE board member of OVGU, explained the current research work with the latest generation angiography system from partner Siemens Healthineers. Dr. Hoffmann, the CEO of the recently founded startup RAYDIAX, presented to the Chancellor insights into the current development status of a therapy assistance computer tomograph as well as the entrepreneurial development of the STIMULATE spin-off.

We are thankful for the interesting exchange and the interest shown!

(Text and image: Research Campus STIMULATE August 2022)

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