INTEL in Magdeburg

25.03.2022 -  

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT) welcomes and supports INTEL's plans to build a €17 billion GigaFab in Magdeburg. Germany - with its many large, medium-sized, and small companies and non-university and university research institutions represented along the entire electronics value chain - is the largest and most innovative microelectronics location in Europe, as VDE expressed in the White Paper "Hidden Electronics II".

The establishment of a high technology company with suppliers and users in the direct vicinity of the OvGU will expand the range of studying and research opportunities. In addition to the focus on medical technology, automation technology and energy technology, the value chain from chip design to application-specific solutions in packaging and interconnection technology, microelectronics, and microtechnological sensor/actuator systems will be part of teaching and research activities at FEIT. Today, electronics is an essential component in all areas of daily life, such as communication, mobility, automation, medicine, or environmental technologies. To put it in the words of PartyProfs & Friends: Viva La Electronica.

Studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at OvGU is an optimal preparation to design microelectronics in our complex, networked world. Electronics is everywhere, even if it is not visible at first glance.


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