Quality Assurance and Development

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT) has developed the „Implementation Provision for Ensuring and Developing Quality in Studies and Teaching” (internal university version) for the FEIT degree programmes within the framework of the OVGU's activities on system accreditation and the establishment of a quality development system in the field of studies and teaching.

The quality cycle in the faculty was set at 7 years. In the course of this period the quality criteria of study and teaching are reflected. For this purpose, quality instruments such as study surveys/evaluations, study programme talks and study programme conferences are used and applied in a closed loop. These are based on the statutes of the OVGU for the assurance and development of quality in studies and teaching.

The study course talks and study course conferences are the dialogue-oriented instruments of the quality assurance and development system in study and teaching at the OVGU. These dialogue formats serve, in particular, the constant exchange and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative data for the purpose of participatory further development of the degree programmes and reflection on scientific competitiveness on the basis of the OVGU's catalogue of quality criteria and legal requirements.

The study course conferences are held as public faculty workshops with external participation. An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the degree programmes is carried out here in an open form of discussion.

FEIT is in a position to make statements about the quality development processes of its study programmes and the quality of teaching and study at the faculty by means of the chronological classification of the study programme discussions and conferences, the topic-specific orientation of these dialogue formats, the recording of the measures taken and their evaluation in the monitoring system of the OVGU.

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