Experimental equipment and methods

Experimental equipment and methods

For comprehensive research, the institutes and related research institutions have well-equipped laboratories that work according to the latest scientific methods.

A small selection of these laboratories and the corresponding research methods can be found under the following tabs.

 Network Control Station

Chair: Electric Power Networks and Renewable Energy
Lab manager: M.Sc. Christian Klabunde
 Equipment  Software  Methods
3 Personal Computer  Linux
 PSI Control
  • Development of network operation management concepts
  • Control via the Matlab interface via a separate server room
5x1,5 m large projection screen  -
  • visual representation of energy networks

 Machine Laboratory

Chair: Electrical Drive Systems
Lab manager: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schallschmidt
 Equipment  Software  Methods
Machine test stands with a power range from 100 W to 60 KW and a max. speed range of 6000 min-1  Matlab
  • Testing of electrical machines
  • Testing of drives (linear and rotary)
  • Design of drive prototypes

 Competence Center  Industry 4.0

Kompetenzcenter Industrie 4.0
Chair: Integrated Automation
Lab manager: M.Sc. Alexander Belyaev
 Equipment  Software  Methods
Industry 4.0 - Language Demonstrator  CoDeSys
 OPC UA Client
 Server SDK
  • Investigation of autonomous intelligent components of the Smart Factory
Industry 4.0 - Blockchain Demonstrator  Framework
  • Connection of the Digital Twin to a Blockchain

 Laser Vibrometer Laboratory

Laser Vibro Meter Labor
Chair: Measurement Technology
Lab manager: M.Sc. Falco Edner
 Equipment  Software  Methods
Polytec Scanning Vibrometer PSV-500 Xtra with vibration decoupled measuring table  Polytech
  • Detection of deflection shapes and Eigen modes
  • Investigation of acoustic and structurally dynamic issues
  • Ultrasonic analyses, FEM validation up to non-destructive testing
National Instruments PXI-System  Labview
  • Design and implementation of flexible test systems for changing applications using a modular measuring device

 Embedded Image Processing Lab

Embedded Image Processing Lab
Chair: Hardware-oriented Technical Computer Science
Lab manager: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thilo Pionteck
 Equipment  Software  Methods

Basler Time-of-Flight camera
Gretag-Macbeth Color Calibration System
Infratec Thermal Imaging Camera
Keysight 1,5 GHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

 Xilinx Vivado
 Xilinx SDK
 Autodesk Inventor
 Inventor CAM
  • Sensor-oriented hardware-supported processing
  • Hardware design
  • Hardware-Software-Codedesign

 Laboratory Intelligent Anticipatory Interactive Systems (IAIS)

Labor Intelligente Antizipatorische Interaktive Systeme
Chair: Cognitive Systems
Lab manager: M.Sc. Ralph Heinemann
 Equipment  Software  Methods
ABB Yumi Robot
Alexa Interaction booth
Demonstrator (ticket vending machine)

 Amazon Alexa
  • Analysis of the user signals in the
    human-machine interaction
  • Improvement of system reactions
  • Development of anticipative systems
Test person room for the demonstrator  see above
  • realistic-oriented human-machine-interaction studies

 Absorber hall

Chair: Electromagnetic Compatibility
Lab manager:  Dr.-Ing. Moawia Al-Hamid
 Equipment  Software  Methods
Measuring receiver
Spectrum analyser and antenna
  • Measurement of interference emission from electrical and electronic devices
Amplifier and transmitting antenna  RadiMation
  • Testing of the interference immunity from electrical and electronic devices

 Power Quality Laboratory (emergency power system)

Power Quality Labor
Chair: Electromagnetic Compatibility
Lab manager: M.Sc. Benjamin Hoepfner
 Equipment  Software  Methods
3x 15 kVA voltage source
1x 25 kW PV-Simulator
3x 15 kVA electronic loads
  • Investigation of Power Qualitiy Phenomena, Programmable Voltage and Current Sources 
    (e.g. harmonics)
Research institution with connection to the faculty

 STIMULATE - Angio-Lab

Research institution: research campus STIMULATE
Lab manager:  Mrs. Cindy Lübeck
 Equipment  Software  Methods
Robot-mounted Flat-Panel- X-Ray -C-Arm from Typ Siemens Artis zeego  Firmware Siemens
  • Development of an operating room for acute stroke therapy (One-Stop-Shop)
OCT ILUMIEN OPTIS-System-optical coherence tomography (OCT)  Abbott


Research institution: research campus STIMULATE
Lab manager:  Mrs. Cindy Lübeck
 Equipment  Software  Methods
3T-MRT from type Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra  Firmware of the

  • Development of an integrated high-tech operating room for routine, image-supported, minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy of tumors with the aid of standard MRT equipment.
Moiré Phase Tracking (MPT) System from Metria Innovations
  •  Motion Tracking
AveCure microwave ablation generator from Medwaves, Inc.
  • Active control of temperature and wavelength for safe and predictable thermal ablation

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