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Welcome to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Electrical engineers are designing and shaping modern hightech industry and the information society with their work and ideas. The professional fields and career opportunities for graduates of electrical engineering and information technology are wide ranging. Electrical engineering, microsystems technology, microelectronics, communications technology, transport technology, power electronics, drive system technology, sensor system technology, cognitive systems and medical technology are only a few areas of application in the wide-ranging field of electrical engineering and information technology.



Makerlabs tour of the OvGU for the founding week in Germany

08.11.2018 - Tinkerers, hobbyists and inquisitive people watch out: On the day of the open start-up laboratories, the OVGU MakerLabs will open their doors on November 12, 2018!

Excursion to Goldisthal and Erfurt

21.06.2018 - On June 11, 2018 under the direction of Eric Glende and Marc Gebhardt and in cooperation with the IEEE and the VDE, students of the Otto-von-Guericke University participated in an excursion to the pumped-storage power plant Goldisthal of the Vattenfall GmbH.

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